Sunday, June 7, 2009

Twenty Candles and Then Some

It's mine! For the back-yard art studio.

This is the box Trey was hauling into the house when Wednesday, the morning of my B-day, I bleary-eyed stumbled out of bed and into the living room. Good thing I can't see without my contacts and didn't altogether ruin the surprise. Once I saw what he got me, I miraculously woke up and danced a jig, and all without my first cup of coffee.

This is the sushi bar I ate at on my B-day.

In homage to the confounding tradition of celebrating getting older, I've been reveling every day since Wednesday. Yes, I've reached one of those non-milestone ages that you would think only really deserves a card and maybe a cookie, but I'm amping up some much-needed enthusiasm for the big 3-oh my god am I that old?

This is the bar, of which I did not get to partake, at the restaurant. Boo!

For dinner, Trey, his parents and the girls (sweetheart nieces who colored me a card. I melt, melt.), took me out to Samurai, a trendy, dimly lit sushi bar where the music is fitting of a nightclub ... thump, thump, thump, un-ch, un-ch, un-ch.

To anyone from the north Louisiana area who happens upon the place, take my advice and never order the Thai tofu and veggies plate. Trust me. There aren't enough vegetarians in this area for the cooks to marinate the stuff, much less cook it right. The sushi is, however, da' bomb. But don't get me wrong. Despite the disapointing meal, I had a nice time.

A limited view of Shreveport's skyline.

On Saturday, my extended B-day bash, Trey and I drove to the Starbuck's in Ruston where we visited with my pal, Roz, who recently moved away but was in town on business. Then we were off to Shreveport where I had the most mouth-watering, delicous vegetarian Indian food at Indigo. To ice the proverbial cake, I finally found two books on crochet that I like (those are really hard to come by) at Barnes and Noble and went shopping at the Louisiana Boardwalk from which I walked away loaded down with shopping bags. Ah, getting older really isn't so bad. Is it?


Kate8085 said...

What a great birthday!!
That first pic is glorious!
I would have danced too!

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

Happy belated birthday!! I love the first pic!! I so wish I could organize my stuff so it looked like that! :)

pixiepine said...

Heehee! I celebrated my birthday at Samurai last year. Another tip..don't get that salad...I can't remember which one but it sounds veggie and comes dripping in fish sauce. Yuck! I agree that the veg sushi is really tasty :)