Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What I Learned at the Peach Festival

Here's a view from my booth at the Peach Festival.

Hi friends. The Peach Festival has come and gone and boy was it hot. So hot, in fact, that I've vowed to never do another outdoor show in the summer again. While I was baking like a sweet potato fry in an oven -- in this case my plastic tent -- I scrawled a list of things to note.

What I learned at the Peach Festival:

1. Tables should be front and center when under a tent.
2. The real EZ Pop tent is worth the money. My $40 scrap heap was smaller than the 10 x 10 it was billed to be. What gives, eBay seller?
3. Never do outdoor shows during a hot southern summer. (This one bears repeating and leads me to No. 4.)
4. Indoor fees are worth the cost ... no matter how much they are.
5. Peg board displays draw more attention when covered with fabric. (This one is purely speculative at this point.)
6. Minimal makeup when in 100 degree weather is best.
7. If dumb enough to ignore No. 3, always bring headache meds and a spray bottle, which you'll probably use 50 times in an hour, so bring lots of water, too.
8. Tacky crap sells -- a lot -- at southern craft shows
9. Good stuff sells too, just not nearly as much.
10. Every show I've done has been a learning experience -- especially this one.

This is me, during the show, playing coy with the free paper fan that saved my friggin' life. I swear it did.

Thanks to everyone out there who bought from me at the show and signed up for the Petite Minx newsletter. Y'all rock!


Pixel Wild Child said...

Nice!!! I'm always get so excited at this craft shows, I hope one day I will be able to visit one of them and... in the best of the cases... have my little own space! ;O)

Roz Todaro Photography said...

This post gave me a good laugh! I'll be using it to make a check list before I go to my first show.

Hullabaloo Boutique said...

Thanks for the tips. I never would have thought to bring a spray bottle. Good one.