Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anthro Pics and a Surprise

All images from Anthropologie's Sept. catalog

After a long day at the office I dragged my tired little self to my doorstep to find the latest Anthropologie catalog in my mailbox. Yay!

I love the little black and white striped number above. It's so girly and classic. It can be worn prettily or punked up rock and roll style.

And, gah! These shoes! I really like the purple and green ones, which by now you might have guessed. I always gravitate toward funky shoes, but the simple booties are calling to me, too.

More shoes. It's a theme lately. I already have a pair of black, heeled, knee-high boots, but I'm aching to get a pair of tough-looking brown flat boots this winter.

For the longest I've been oogling Anthro's hardware offerings. If only I had more cabinets and drawers.

Exciting News!
Recently, I was asked to participate in Chick Talk, an online Webisode channel by the Classy Closet. I'll be doing 12 Webisodes, 15 minutes each, on which I'll be talking about jewelry, style and my process as a designer. I'm also planning on taking to the streets and interviewing the most stylish people I can find at art and music events in my area.

The other day I filmed, in my newly completed back-yard studio, the promo for my part in the Webisode series. I'll post it here soon. Eeek! So excited.


Dionne said...

I love Anthro - those shoes are darl, and so is that hardware!

And OMG about the webisodes! That's awesome! Can't wait to see!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Webisodes? I'm curious to see that! definitely you have to keep us informed... good luck!

(Oh, and I love that dress too! :O))

Tambria said...

Congratulations Monica! I can't wait to check out your webisodes. Loves the pics from the Anthro catalog.