Sunday, October 25, 2009

City of de-Light

I am in love with a city I have never been to. Paris is the ultimate destination, in my opinion. And it may be premature to say this, but I have saving gobs of money for months and will continue to do so to make a trip to Paris when Trey graduates (as a radiologic tech) in a year and a few months. It will be a graduation gift to ourselves. We're also planning to go to London, Amsterdam and a little town in Holland where a dear family member lives.

Check out these posts of Paris' fashionable window displays by the blog Paris Parfait:
♥ Chanel
♥ Shipwreck No. 1
♥ Shipwreck No. 2
The writer also has plenty of posts full of photos taken at Paris flea markets.

I just found this blog written by an American living in Paris. Gorgeous photos.
♥ Tongue in Cheek
And I am completely smitten with this blog I found recently. It's by a stylist and book author -- a book you probably know -- living in Amsterdam.


Dionne said...

Paris is on my list, too! I soooo wanna go! It looks so sophisticated and romantic... and simple and yet extravagant at the same time, hahaha.

Pixel Wild Child said...

You are going to love all these places but you have to go to my home town too, Barcelona, you shouldn't miss it being so close!!! ;O)

Tambria said...

Please take plenty of pictures for us of your Paris trip.