Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prioritizing: It's on my List

Whoever said that owning a small business requires the wearing of many un-stylish hats (hats for rather menial and unglamorous tasks) was right. I've worn so many today that my hair is embarrassingly flat. It helps that I don't mind doing a little of this and a little of that during the day, but I'll admit that I dropped the proverbial ball more than once today.

As a pro list maker I shouldn't be so darned disorganized, but alas my desk is small. It's covered in beads, chinks of wire and chain, threads, papers, half drunk cups of coffee, pliers, pens and plumes. Feathers, that is.

My head is crammed with the debris from last night's Web crawl -- full of what's hot, what's not and what happened on Americas Next Top Model, thoughts of tomorrow, some of days gone by and much of things left to do. Like, with all this work to do, when am I going to get around to finish the fruitless endeavor of crocheting that winter scarf or playing the new Metallica Guitar Hero? Trey is hammering away on that little plastic guitar at this very moment, fancying himself a rock star I imagine.

But what's that you say? "You're blogging right now, Monica," say you.
Priorities, I know. My priorities are just all askew.

Here are a few fun things I've come by as of late.

* Bokeh photography -- Tutorial on how to bespeckle your photos with hearts a blur.

* Love this dress -- Get the pattern for some pocket change and look like a million.

* Ever wanted to know what's on Trent Reznor's playlist? I have. Check it out.

* Do you have a craft business, too? Awesome. You might like this helpful Web site.