Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wistful For Those Folded Mags

Blast from the past. A photo of one of my early fave girl vocalist bands, Veruca Salt.

I've been pouring through old issues of Adorn magazine tonight and it got me thinking about how most of my favorite rags have met untimely deaths. Adorn, Domino, Jane and many moons ago, Sassy, my first magazine love.

If you want to know me better, check out what I was reading at 14.

Perhaps with a bundle of well-loved magazines off the stands there will be less paper in landfills. That's not to say that tons of other mags will become bathroom readers and eventually cast off like a shred of used t.p. But in any case, thousands of gals like myself who fall under these rags' target markets will be greener and their disposable income expenditures leaner.

So, what to read now? Here's my short list of latest fun reads and eye candy Web sites.

* iCiNg -- Gala Darling
* Creature Comforts
* Modish