Friday, May 8, 2009

Things I Adore Thursday On Friday ... Again

Ah, geez! Here we go again. Thursday slipped by under my whiffer, but I'm determined to be on time with Things I Adore Thursday next week.

Today I'm Adoring the kitchen above. I've been wanting to paint a room black for the longest but haven't had the huevos to do it. I think my husband would freak. So maybe I'll do the bathroom black ... yes? Anyway, the color in the photo is "Soot" from Benjamin Moore. Luuurve!

Other things I'm lurving are Mary Kate's style, grass votives from, and the checkered floppy hat I bought yesterday from Forever 21.

And for josh sakes, will someone please tip my husband off to buy me The Printmaking Bible for my birthday next month? Pretty please?