Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Branching Out for Craft Show

Prepping for the Ruston Farmers Market craft show has been so much fun. Today I started working on my booth display. I spent about $7 total for two terra cotta pots, moss and foam filler. The branches were free, courtesy of nature, and their soft white-washed effect is due to lying in the driveway for two days in the rain after they'd gotten a coat of spray paint-- a happy mistake.

Wanna know a secret? The round wooden lift that the pot is on is actually a chip and dip platter that I rarely use. Using around-the-house items in a display is a great way to keep exhibit-related costs in check.

Quite off the subject, here is my first ever finished crochet project. I'm self-taught, and it's pretty evident because the scarf is kind of wonky. It's also skinnier than Rachel Zoe is after lunch -- that is to say it's the twiggiest thing you've ever seen. But damn it's fashionable! In my mind anyway. Ah, well. Yarn over and learn I guess.