Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Counting Down to the Peach Festival

I found this photo online. This shed is so cute and tiny, and it makes me appreciate the size of my studio-to-be.

Hi friends! The countdown to the Peach Festival craft show has begun, and I'm busy tying up lots of loose ends including making hang tags and business cards, my banner, displays and table cloths. Here's the lowdown on how things are shaping up.

Table cloths: Yesterday I spent $111 on fabric for the booth. The table cloths are going to be a pretty robins egg blue color and I'm thinking of making runners in a lime yellow hue to add a little punchy contrast.

The banner (signage): When I've finished it, I'll post a tutorial on how I made my banner, which is nothing more than raw canvas at this point. I'll give you a hint. Gesso, paint, grommets and a sewing machine will be used.

Displays: Trey will be rigging several pegboards (I got them for free!) to sit upright on the tables. We still haven't decided on the hanging mechanisms. All we know now is that hooks are bulky, unsightly and will add up to be quite an expense.


Pixel Wild Child said...

Is that your studio??? I think is fantastic, I seriously love it...

And good luck in the craft show, you have to let us know how it went, eh? :O)

Pixel Wild Child said...

:O) I see! he he heeeee, Even if tinny it would be lovely to have such a studio!!!