Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Vacation Photos vs. Anthro Catalog

Image from the latest Anthropologie catalog

Finally! I got my Anthropologie catalog in the mail. To my surprise, I found that half of the photos were taken in Austin, TX, where I've had some pretty good times and hope to call home one day.

I took these photos inside Uncommon Objects, Austin

The topmost photo, from Antrho, is part of a vintage-y spread that reminds me of Uncommon Objects, the coolest labyrinth of an antique and oddities shop in Austin's SOCO. In fact, the photo could have very well been taken in the shop.

Photo from Anthro catalog

The image, above, was taken at the Jo's coffee stand next to the Austin Motel where Trey (hubby) and I once stayed while on vacation. Every morning we stopped at Jo's for coffee and breakfast. To the side of the stand is a covered deck with tables and seating where people and their pets watch morning joggers and evening passersby.

This is the photo I took of the same Jo's coffee stand.

"Shaved Ice" image from Anthro

Here is a photo from the Anthro catalog of a girl sitting in a diner. The picture at the top right of the triptych, below, was the location for that photo shoot. You can tell by the tiled, checkered wall. And just to throw in a little Louisiana lagniappe, I included a gander at the front of Uncommon Objects.

Images by me. Compare the photo on the top right, above, to the "Shaved Ice" Anthro pic.


Jessica Marie said...

i always love looking at the anthropologie pictures.. they're so beautiful

Pixel Wild Child said...

Cool photos... specially the Barber Shop! so retro, I love it!