Saturday, May 30, 2009

Peek at My Desk and New Jewelry

This is my work desk where I make jewelry.

Seeing the surface of my work desk is about as rare and shocking an occurrence as me returning my library books on time. I had to document this anomaly.

Playing with different jewelry display options for the festival.

I also have to thank a new blog friend, Do You Love Lucy, for bestowing upon me the One Lovely Blog award. I want to give this award back to all of you who have linked to and followed my blog since its inception. Thanks so much to all of you. It means a lot that people care enough about my art to stop by often.

Desk-made by my hubby, Trey; mandala painting- done in acrylics by me; lamp- Target; desk paint by Ralph Lauren; wall paint by Behr



Jessica Marie said...

oh my! i'm loving the bottom one to the right. so pretty!