Monday, March 16, 2009

The Designer at Work: An Inside Look

Here's a peek at some earrings that will be in Petite Minx's first collection. The "skirt" is a dusty-rose colored wire mesh.

I'm waiting expectantly today to see the first bundle of supplies arrive at my doorstep, but placing that first order wasn't as easy as simply choosing pretty items all willy nilly like I'm used to doing. No, there was much work that led up to that itemized order.

This necklace will be made with a luxurious silk ribbon, peridot seed beads, golden Swarovski crystal connectors and a brass and mother of pearl teardrop pendant.

My creative process begins with scouring online the pages of my favorite clothing and jewelry collections. What brands they are, I shall never tell. But maybe you'll be able to guess once you see my finished collection, which will be for sale online at my Etsy shop,

Here's a peek at what the pendant will actually look like.

After gathering inspiration I begin to sketch ideas for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. (I made three sets of revisions to my sketches this time around.) After I've designed what the "bones" will look like I decide what materials and colors I'll use. Should the round bead be a 6mm black agate or should it be a 9mm wooden bead?

Then I search my supplier's Web pages for my specs, sometimes finding better materials than what I had in mind originally, which of course sends me back to the drawing board.

More sneak peeks to come. Check back for more of what's to come before the grand opening of the Petite Minx Web shop.