Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things I Adore Thursdays: Photos and Links

Image by Every Eskimo, found on the for me, for you blog

Good morning, all. This is the second consecutive day that I've woken up at an ungodly hour to get to work (10 paces away) in pajamas, my hair all askew and sleep still in my eyes. So now that it's late -- 8 a.m. -- I couldn't wait any longer to share these beautiful finds with you.

It's probably played out, but I'm a sucker for anything typography. The photo, above, from the Every Eskimo Etsy shop is actually a listing for wire baskets, which are great, but I want the type panels.

This rustic, red, striped table runner from Mothology was bound to end up on a Things I Adore post. I have a few textiles in my home that are akin to this.

Here we go again with typography. I found this image of the Ace Hotel on SFgirlbybay, one of my long-time favorite blogs. I'm really drawn to the moody look of the room with its deep colors and retro mod furnishings.

Here are a couple more links you'll be glad you followed:
* A Creative Mint -- gorgeous photo styling on this blog
* "Life in a Barn" -- I am so inspired by every aspect of these images on this post by House Martin.


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