Friday, July 31, 2009

Monthly Biz Goals: August

It's time to get all my eggs in a row. Wait. Is that how it goes? Well, whatever. You know what I mean. This is my first time participating in Modish Biz Tips Monthly Goal Meetup. For all of you small biz owners who are living under a dinosaur sized egg, see above, and don't know about Modish Biz Tips, check it out. It's handy dandy.

Goals for August
Finish painting my studio.
Move into my back yard studio! (I can't wait to show you guys the pics.)
Make at least two items per business day.
Post two items per biz day. (Duh.)
Query five or more blogs for features.
Begin working on new wholesale offerings.

That's it. Nothing to get scrambled over.


CrowNology said...

Hi Monica,
Good luck with your goals for August.
I'm looking forward to your photos!
Have a great weekend!
love the photo above, is it your place?

Kate8085 said...

Have to check it out, thanks for the link..I am totally
living under a dinosaur egg 75% of the time. hahaha.
Looks like you have set reasonable, logical, attainable goals for yourself!
Go get 'em!

Cyn said...

A backyard studio... that sounds just lovely. I'd love to have that on my monthly goals someday. Looking forward to the photos. Good luck this month, Monica!

Laura. said...

hurrah for goals! welcome to the meetup. your goals look really great and do-able, i hope august is a great month for you!

Melanie said...

OOOO! Can't wait to see the studio! Sounds like a fun project Best of luck.

SillyLittleLady said...

I think your goals sound great. I can't wait till I have a studio! I think I would be much more productive in a space that was created by me, for me, for that purpose. Can't wait to see pictures of yours!

Plushroom Soup said...

Welcome to the meetup! Can't wait to see photos of your backyard studio, that sounds awesome. Best of luck this month!

Sam said...

ooh, have fun with your new studio! Good luck with your goals - two items a day might be a bit challenging but you'll have a lot to show for it at the end of the month!

Dionne said...

I think that setting goals is so important for a business, as well as personally. These are great!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great list! cant wait to see pix of your new studio, thats great!! good luck for august!


modish said...

Yay, thanks for participating this month and good luck with everything! Love your post by the way, very cute ;)

Liz said...

Hi Monica, good luck with your goals for August. Love the feel of your blog, and definitely looking forward to seeing photos of your new studio, welcome to the group!