Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anthropologie's August Catalog

All images from the August Anthropologie catalog.

The mailman came and brought me a prezzie. The latest Anthropologie catalog is out and here are a few of my favorite pics.

I capital L-O-V-E these saturated, jewel-tone colors and especially those purple T-strap wedges.

I would so rock this outfit if (1.) I had the moolah to buy it and (2) I had the nerve to wear those lovely gloves out around my town. The masses wearing their camouflage and ill-fitting, potato sack T-shirts would surely stare with keen and wary glares.

What's your favorite Anthro pic?


Dionne said...

Oh I can't wait for mine to come! How gorgeous! I love that outfit too! So sophisticated and pretty.

I am with you on those shoes. I love that color. Anthropology has such a great collection of stuff - their clothes right through to their homewares. They have a good thing going!

BellaColle' said...

oh oh!! I just got mine!!! I loovve it!!
I'm lovin' the clothes mind you.. but the style of the pics is what is making me drool!! looove it...I am on a treasure hunt my self for some rustic frames for my mudroom..
Hope you are well dear!!

Tambria said...

I would totally rock that outfit. You could so wear that outfit. So what if people stare, let 'em look. LOL! :)