Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I Adore Thursdays: Layers

Photo by Wendy Bevan.

Good Thursday morning, friends. I wanted to share some of my latest favorite photos found around the Net last week. Like the one above. Ooh, it's so gritty and grungy looking. Loverly! Check her Photoshop process out on You Tube.

This food photo styling is amazing. Go and drool.

I'm loving these washed out fashion photos, and the layered bracelets on the model are inspiring me for some upcoming styles -- bracelets and necklaces included.

I adore the photo styling here.
A very smart lady sent me this link.

I'm feeling an abundance of creative energy right now. I must go now before the muses retreat.

I want to make these, sans the sharp pointy bits.


Kate8085 said...

Those shoes are HOT! I just read a big layout in Elle of heavy metal fashion..apparently I missed the train..all of the bands I have loved since I was a kid are designer's new inspiration.
Those shoes scream Judas Priest!

Dionne said...

I love these dreamy photos!

And those shoes are weapons! Ouch!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Photos and Photoshop, two of my big loves! Great post, they are all dreamy and very inspiring pics.. wow!