Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things I Adore Thursday: Lovin' on Life

It's time for another Things I Adore Thursday post, but this time I think I'll do things a little differently. I'll just pull some stuff from the heart and throw it out there for the universe to hear.

Right now I'm loving the fact that I wake up when I feel like it that my dogs are always so happy to see me that my husband thinks I'm sexy even when I'm not wearing makeup and I'm in sweatpants and a T-shirt I love that I'm healthy and full of energy that I always seem to get what I want in some form or fashion that I'm enamoured all over again with writing (one of my first loves) I love my still incomplete backyard art studio (tripple, quadruple loves on that) I adore the color of the sky on a rainy day and that fall is looming on the horizon I love the way my ad looks on the City of Dionne blog And that my hubs and I are celebrating our four-year anniversary today And even moreso that we'll be celebrating it this weekend in Natchitoches at this bed & breakfast.

So, what are you loving lately?


Dionne said...

I love how your ad looks on my blog, too!!!

OK- I just checked out that Bed and Brekky link. It looks amazing. So pretty and vintage and lovely. I wanna go!!!

Happy Anniversary!

Tambria said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a great weekend. Loves the bed & breakfast pics.

I'm totally loving my handsome and caring husband. He makes me laugh so much that my sides hurt all the time.